A Bitter End

What many may not remember, it was Bush who bailed out the auto industry (much to our distaste). Yes, yes. I realize Obama likes to take credit for it (I say, guilt of doing), but it was GW who violated free market principles. As he said, “I’ve abandoned free-market principles to save the free-market system.” When he said that, those who love true free market capitalism were scratching their heads going, “Huh?” Those of you who criticize Bush are justified (but for the incorrect reasons).

The reason Romney lost is because of the “Boehner-type RINOs” who ignored, and in many cases ridiculed conservatives and those who adhere to the “Tea Party” principles. Did you notice that Romney had 3 million less votes than McCain? What was the difference? Palin. If it wasn’t for her I would have sat out the election. I hated McCain. Oh sure, he would have been better than what we got, but not much.

As a friend of mine pointed out, the Republican leadership made some very divisive decisions and alienated much of their base & independents this year. At one point they actually had a powerful grass roots candidate that young people and much of the public was excited over and was gaining quick momentum. I am of course talking about Ron Paul. Although I was not one of the “Pauline Disciples,” he did have a large, significant, and more importantly, loyal, support.

You know right up front that they are unabashedly anti-liberal 100% establishment Republican. However for a while, anyway, they had left a little room on the leash for people like Beck and Judge Napolitano who were exposing the the elitist Republican–as well as Democratic leaders. The Republican leadership turned their back on Ron Paul and his supporters and did everything they could to discredit or ignore them. When they did that, they lost the advantage, because Paul was the only candidate the Republicans had capable of drawing huge portions of independents and democrats.

They further alienated their base by selecting a formerly pro-infant murder candidate and a candidate who was the father of mandated healthcare. Also, many near-sighted Christians did not vote for Romney simply because he is a Mormon. For some reason, they forgot they were electing President, and not a Pastor. As a result, they have allowed someone who holds disdain for Israel and for Christian values–and elevates Islam above all other faiths–to return to office.

They may still have had a chance if they had selected a Latino vice president, and there are many good, conservative possibilities. If they had selected someone like that, they could have gained some Hispanic support, or even if they had selected another female conservative, they could have gained more women voters. Or, what about Rand Paul? They would have gained back some of the Ron Paul base supporters. Instead they alienated them all and many real fiscal conservatives by choosing instead, Paul Ryan, a big spending elitist poster boy hoping he could carry Wisconsin for them . . . which he didn’t.

Blame the Republican Leadership such as Boehner who now says, “‘We Want You To Succeed, We’re Ready To Be Led.” They are out of touch with the present day reality and who their base was. They are a divided party by their own choosing and this nation is a divided nation. A house divided cannot stand. So the Republicans lost months ago & the Democrats lost on November 6th. Oh yes they did, they too don’t get it, but they will soon enough!


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