Voting Recommendations for Michigan

The most important election of our life time is only a few days away. Please whatever you do on November 6th, VOTE!! The very survival of our nation as we have known it is at stake. The following are my recommendations.

I am recommending a straight GOP vote for all positions on the ballot. If you vote straight GOP you don’t fill in the oblong blank for each Republican candidate.

There is much work to be done in the GOP; it isn’t perfect but right now its the best we have. If more conservative folks were in involved it would be much better. We have what we have because those who stand for righteousness, our constitutional rights, and fiscal responsibility are generally not involved.

The Democrats have gone over the deep end into godlessness, lawlessness, and massive spending frenzies. There is not a Democrat on the ballot that I could support in good conscience!


President & VP: Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan
US Senator: Pete Hoekstra
Representative in Congress 12th District: Cynthia Kallgren
Representative in Congress 7th District: Tim Walberg
Representative in Congress 11th District: Kerry Bentivolio
Representative in Congress 3rd District: Justin Amash
Member of the State Board of Education: Todd Courser, Melanie Kurdys
University Regents:
U of M – Rob Steele, Dan Horning
MSU – Melanie Foster, Jeff Sakwa
WSU – Michael Bosuito, Satish Jasti
Washtenaw Sheriff: Jeffrey Gallatin
Washtenaw Clerk & Register of Deeds: Stanley Watson
Washtenaw Treasurer: Marlene Chockley
Water Resources Commissioner: Eric Scheie
Ann Arbor City Council Member Ward 5: Stuart Berry


Supreme Court, 8 yr. Term: Colleen O’Brien & Stephen Markman
Supreme Court Partial Term: Brian Zahra
Judge of Court of Appeals District 3: Mark Boonstra
Judge of Circuit Court Incumbent Position 22nd Circuit Court: Timothy Connors
Judge of Circuit Non-Incumbent Position 22nd Circuit Court: James Fink
I have no recommendations for trustees for Washtenaw Community College.



#12-1, Emergency Manager – YES
#12-2, Collective Bargaining – NO
#12-3, Renewable Energy (25-2025) – NO
#12-4, Unionize Home Health Care – NO
#12-5, 2/3 Vote for Tax Increases – YES
#12-6, Put Government Bridge to the vote of the people – NO

For a excellent summary on the ballot proposals I would recommend reading:

Michigan Ballot Proposals

Here are some good articles, videos and interviews.

Mackinac Center presents analysis of Michigan ballot proposals at Saginaw Tea Party meeting

The bridge monopoly misnomer

Rep. Dave Agema stops by to talk Prop 6

Yes On Prop 5

1 is a YES, vote NO on the rest!

On the local ballot proposals I am voting against all tax increases!


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