Questions in Libya

via: Patriot Post

Last week, it was reported that a NATO air strike in Tripoli had killed a son and three grandchildren of Libyan strongman Moammar Gadhafi. That report, however, is now in question as the only confirmation is from the Gadhafi government itself. The family rarely stays in the same place for long, particularly given current circumstances. Also, Saif-al-Arab, one of Gadhafi’s sons, is 29, unmarried and childless and is not a senior military commander or other notable target.

As Hot Air’s Allahpundit writes, “That means it’s unlikely that the coalition was targeting him; why hand [Gadhafi] free propaganda by killing a son who’s not causing the west much trouble? The airstrike must have been aimed at [Gadhafi] himself — except that … the [Gadhafis] are probably keeping their distance from each other knowing that there are eyes in the sky. And even if he did decide to meet with Saif, NATO would have to have spies very, very close to him to be able to pinpoint his location and launch a quick attack. Is that likely? The rebel’s spokesman in Benghazi told the media that the whole thing smells fishy.”

In related news, Gadhafi is losing even his friends’ support. Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has called for Gadhafi to step down “for the sake of the country’s future.” Given that and the termination of Osama bin Laden, Gadhafi may be wondering just how many days he has left.


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