House Passes ObamaCare Repeal

House Republicans made good on their pledge to repeal ObamaCare this week, passing a vote to turn back the whole “job-killing” package 245-189. Too bad they’re not making the case that it’s also “Constitution-killing.” Only three Democrats voted to support the measure. The House also voted to get four committees — Ways and Means, Energy and Commerce, Education and Workforce, and Judiciary — to start working on alternatives. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) has vowed not even to let the bill come to a vote in the Senate, though he swears that Democrats have the votes to defeat it and that the public is on their side. If Reid is so certain that repeal would never pass and that it’s a political winner to defeat it, then why not bring it to a vote and prove it? [In other words, put you money where your mouth is, Reid. Or, maybe you know you don’t have the vote and it will be repealed).

The Republican strategy doesn’t necessarily require Senate passage of their repeal bill. There are a number of options available to pare down ObamaCare, including removal of funding in the stopgap spending measure that comes up in March. House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Fred Upton (R-MI) intends to call state governors to testify about crushing Medicare and Medicaid costs that will continue to rise in order to provide insurance under ObamaCare. Also, there are currently 28 states suing to opt out of ObamaCare, 26 of which have joined Florida’s law suit, while Virginia is suing separately.

The White House attempted to stave off the growing momentum against Obama’s signature legislative accomplishment this week when the Health and Human Services Department released a report claiming that more than 129 million Americans suffer from ailments that would raise red flags with insurers. According to this piece of propaganda, these people could be denied coverage or face steep premiums if ObamaCare is repealed. The report doesn’t bother to explain why half of all Americans now risk being uninsured when that clearly was not the case before Democrats “saved the day.” If anything, ObamaCare itself will likely lead to more people losing insurance because companies that cover their employees will be forced to dump coverage when it becomes too expensive.


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