Thieves Downfall: Snow Tracks


Alabama doesn’t see a lot of snow, so its residents aren’t too familiar with snow angels, snow shovels and snow prints.  That’s likely the case with two alleged burglary bandits.

Earlier this week, detectives in Sheffield, Alabama, responded to a break-in at the Chevron Convenience store. Reportedly missing from the store were 56 cartons of cigarettes, 24 packs of cigars and a donation change box.  What the accused crooks left behind, however, were snow prints.

“With almost a foot of snow we had two sets of distinctive footprints leading from the business to a residence, a few blocks away,” said Sheffield Police Chief Greg Ray.

The footprints led police to the home of Ketrick Dewayne Mason. Investigators say Mason and Jantzen Jackson broke into the store and helped themselves to the armloads of goodies.  Police found the pair wearing snow-covered clothing.

“Along the way they located some of the things had been dropped like some cigars and some cigarettes that probably fell out of the box” said Ray. “They also located several indentions where it appears the offenders may have set the box down so they could rest for a few minutes before they could get back to the house in a foot of snow.”

The two men are facing charges for third-degree burglary and are being held without bail in the Sheffield City jail.

“We were glad they were stupid. It certainly made our job a lot easier,” said Chief Ray.

—Source:  WHNT-TV News 19 (Hunstville, Alabama)


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