The real violent rhetoric


The past week has sparked a lot of discussion about violent rhetoric in the media. Some have even suggested a return to the Fairness Doctrine, which would spell the end of talk radio, and now American citizens are being investigated for simply asking their congressmen questions.

Glenn read the news, “Clay Bowler has become active in politics.  Starting last year he didn’t support Billy Long, the Democrat running for congress in his Missouri district.  So he started a website.  He began attending campaign events.  He even started asking the candidate tough questions.  But when Long eventually won, Bowler and his website ‘Long is Wrong’ went away.  So when the FBI showed up at his door recently saying he was perceived to be making threats to the congressman, he was shocked.  Bowler said, ‘I’m not a threat to Billy Long.  I find whole thought funny because I’m such an advocate for constitutional rights, I would never do anything that would put in jeopardy those constitutional rights like the Second Amendment.’  Bowler admitted he confronted Long in the past but never threatened him.  He said ‘I never, ever, ever threatened him’.  Bowler showed KSRP the worst of his confrontations, a YouTube video showing him walking with Long asking him questions, more of a journalistic inquiry than a threatening tirade.”

Glenn then told the story of the Fairness Doctrine, which started and then forties and went away in the late eighties.  “So the late Forties, I know at least we had Truman shot, or at least shot at and almost killed.  It was just by the grace of God that Truman wasn’t assassinated.  We had JFK, Malcolm X, MLK, RFK, George Wallace, Gerald Ford, Vernon Jordan, John Lennon, Ronald Reagan and then the Fairness Doctrine went away.  Since the Fairness Doctrine ended, literally the only one we can find is Gabrielle Giffords.”

Glenn told the story of the violent rhetoric being aimed at Sarah Palin. “Have you seen the drawings and the posters of Sarah Palin?  They’re in San Francisco.  There is a group SFist that is putting out posters of Sarah Palin, and it’s Sarah Palin with her mouth open and flames all around her.  And I’m trying to remember the exact slogan.  We’ll share it with you later on in the broadcast.  But it basically says, engulf her in rage until she understands her violence.  Excuse me?  Engulf her in rage?  And nobody’s saying anything.”

The media also has no interest in covering Francis Fox Piven and her calls for violence either. Glenn’s solution? Offense.

“I want Martin Luther King Day on The Blaze, I would like that to be focused on those calling for violence, really, truly I want an expose, I want a packet on Frances Fox Piven.  I want everybody to know exactly who she is.  I want all of her articles but then I need summaries so people can consume it, so people know who she is and trying it together with The Coming Insurrection.  When she says we need to be like Greece and we need to be like England, video packages that show what that means, what she’s calling — what she’s calling for.  When she says this after they’re trying to beat Prince Charles and Camilla to death and screaming “Off with their heads.”  No, we don’t need to be like England.  No, we don’t need to be like the student riots.  They were trying to set London on fire.  That doesn’t help solve anything.”

Look for Glenn, The Blaze, and to expose the people who are truly calling for violence on Monday.


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