Now Among Us

“In all my 60 years of living in this once great nation, I’ve never seen so many Marxist, Maoist, Socialist, and Anti-American activists working in the White House, Congress, and the Judicial System. These are people who view the U.S. Constitution as a hindrance and a document that prevents the change they seek. These are people who firmly believe in globalism and a one-world government” ~Mike Baker Political Strategist



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2 responses to “Now Among Us

  1. lbro

    Right on and refreshing! So now all we need is a plan to send these leftist folks somewhere that is just like what they want to change the US into. Chavez can use a few more that cater to his thinking, how about there? First we vote em out and then show them the door.


  2. juandos

    Well what can one add to Mr. Baker’s statement?

    Maybe one thing, for any of this leftist, marxist crapola to work it takes abysmal ignorance of our nation’s history and a thorough blindness to the Declaration and the Constitution…

    This condition is brought about by the complicit efforts of what passes for an education system today and maybe for the last forty years…

    Ignorance is NOT bliss…

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