House Rules

via: Patriot Post

House Republicans plan to bring back the “Truth in Testimony” rule, requiring anyone who testifies before Congress to declare any money they receive from the federal government in the form of aid, loans or grants. The rule was created by the Contract with America bunch in 1995 and it exposed a number of leftist groups that were receiving major amounts of funding from the government. Former Republican Rep. David McIntosh of Indiana first sponsored the idea. “It forced liberal advocacy groups to come clean in admitting how much federal money they were getting,” he said recently. “Many groups that were said to be unbiased experts were actually financially benefiting from the programs they were testifying to get more money for.”

The rule drifted into obscurity, however, as Democrats refused to follow it. They didn’t want the truth exposed that three out of four “expert” witnesses are always asking for more money, and only one in four supports smaller government. Returning the Truth in Testimony rule to the books may change this for the better.


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