CNN realizes there’s a problem with Parker Spitzer, and it ISN’T the disgraced whoremonger


If you watch Parker Spitzer on CNN at 8 every night, you are a very unusual person. The show’s ratings are pathetic, even for CNN. So the network may be making a big change, and since this is CNN, it’s precisely the wrong change. New York Post:

Kathleen Parker, the co-host of the CNN show “Parker Spitzer” with hooker-loving ex-New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer, will be dumped any day now, The Post learned last night.

“There is no doubt in the world they are going to replace her,” a show insider said.

“It’s beyond whispers — it’s a hot and heavy discussion,” the source added.

I’d like to be a fly on the wall at that focus group. “Yeah, I just can’t handle the cute, soft-spoken southern lady. The unsightly loudmouth who lost his last job for banging hookers, though? Oh, he was good!

Good luck to whoever ends up replacing her. I say they should go with Wolf. Blitzer Spitzer. Come on! Sure, you’d still never watch, but it’d be so much fun to say, CNN would get all kinds of free advertising.


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