Crime (by Christine Jones)

All Americans including myself grieve over the horrendous shooting in AZ that killed 6 human beings including a nine-year-old and injuring many others, one in critical condition. It is heartbreaking! I commend the courage and sacrifice of those who tried to stop the killer.

Jared Loughner committed this crime; he is unbalanced, a nut job. This kind of tragedy has happened sadly from the beginning of time by lone nuts. Do I need to make a list?

What happen after the shooting is JUST as much criminal as the shooting! Without a shred of proof the mainstream media is BLAMING this crime (by a deranged nut) on Fox News, conservative talk radio, and free speech in America—except the left’s freedom to spew their irresponsibility and deception and by demonizing the Tea Party! This is an obscene intimidation against freedom of speech in America!

Loughner’s favorite books were the Communist Manifesto and Hitler’s Mein Kampf and he is a Democrat! This man had absolutely no connection with the ideology of the Tea Party and was NOT influenced by Fox News or conservative talk radio whatsoever!!!

This show of propaganda is disgusting and a travesty promoted by the mainstream media, the Democrats, the sheriff (who should know better to offer opinions without facts about a crime—btw, he is a registered Democrat) and many others who did NO investigation on this but were quick to offer their ‘opinions’! If our freedom of speech is in ANYWAY curtailed from this—it would be a far greater travesty and crime than the original murders!

So do we ban violent video games? Do we ban violent rap music? Do we ban all Islamic terrorist websites? Do we ban violent Hollywood movies? Do we ban violent TV programs? Do we overturn Roe v. Wade, which opened the door to the genocide of 50 million unborn children? Not according to the mainstream media and the Democrats! But according to them it is OK to ban Fox News, conservative talk radio and demonize the Tea Party Americans!! So why does this have ANYTHING to do with moving forward with the repeal of the corrupt and unconstitutional healthcare bill??!!! This is hypocrisy beyond words and if anyone is being swayed by this propaganda coming from the mainstream media, the Democrats, etc. YOU better wake up NOW!


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