The Demo-gogues

The Wise Sayings of Master Barack:

“We can’t win them all.” –Barack Obama (Memo to Obama: Please keep campaigning for other Democrats.)

No change here:

“Regardless of the size of their minority caucus, Senate Republicans have always had an obligation to join us in governing our nation through these difficult times. [Tuesday’s] election doesn’t change that. In fact it is now more important than before for Republicans to work with us rather than against us if we are to find common ground that improves Americans’ lives.” –Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV), himself in election trouble, on how Republicans should now shut up and help pass health care “reform”

What states’ rights?

“Massachusetts has health care and so the rest of the country would like to have that too. So we don’t [think] a state that already has health care should determine whether the rest of the country should.” –House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), telling voters what’s good for them

Pot and kettle:

“You know how politics is. At times like this, there are always some who are eager to exploit that pain and anger to score a few political points. There are always folks who think that the best way to solve these problems are to demonize others. And, unfortunately, we’re seeing some of that politics in Massachusetts today.” –Barack Obama, who specializes in demonizing George W. Bush at every opportunity

Speaking of blaming Bush:

“One thing the Democrats have done wrong? We haven’t kept the focus on this disaster on the Republicans who brought it upon us. We’ve tried too hard to do that right thing, and that’s to fix it, as opposed to spend more of our time and energy pointing the finger at who got us [here] in the first place.” –Rep. Patrick Kennedy (D-RI), campaigning for who he kept calling “Marcia” Coakley and doing just what Obama said we shouldn’t do

Tough luck:

“Health care was the cause of my friend Ted Kennedy’s life. So it sickens me that the Republican running to take Ted’s place is vowing to be the 41st vote to kill health care reform.” –Sen. Chris Dodd (D-CT) Well health care or Ted’s lifesyle

From the crystal ball:

“Let’s remove all doubt: We will [take over] health care one way or another.” –Nancy Pelosi

World’s smallest violin:

“You know, folks ask me sometimes why I look so calm. I have a confession to make. There are times when I’m not so calm. … There are times when progress seems too slow. There are times when the words that are spoken about me hurt. There are times when the barbs sting. There are times when it feels like all these efforts are for naught. Change is so painfully slow in coming. And I have to confront my own doubts.” –Barack Obama


“We’re all pretty unpopular. Why? Because people don’t feel good, and we’re the leaders and we’re in office, and they expect us to do something about it.” –House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-MD)


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