Obvious Observations

“It really is the people’s seat, and yesterday the people took it back.” –columnist Jeff Jacoby

“Voters in the often wayward Cradle of Liberty looked danger in the eye, stood up, and said, ‘Enough.’ Tuesday’s takeaway is this: if Obama & Co. can’t sell their agenda there, it’s an epic fail everywhere.” –columnist Tom Blumer

“[Scott Brown’s] message of lower taxes, smaller government and fiscal responsibility clearly resonated with independent-minded voters in Massachusetts who were looking for a solution to decades of failed Democrat leadership.” –RNC Chairman Michael Steele

“Democrats are settling on a new strategy to blame the defeat not only on Coakley’s inept campaign but also on her personality and strained relations with both the Kennedy family and President Obama.” –columnist Byron York

“[Nancy] Pelosi met with House Democrats yesterday to tell them how the negotiations on a compromise health care bill between the House and Senate were going. As she spoke, one Democratic member whispered to another, ‘It’s like talking about your date on Friday, but the date’s in the emergency room.’ ObamaCare went into the emergency room in Massachusetts and didn’t make it out alive.” –columnist Fred Barnes

“[T]the American people are losing confidence in Team Obama because quite simply they are tiring of being lied to, and treated like children in need of Ivy-League Platonic guardians.” –columnist Victor Davis Hanson

“Obama was supposed to be a great persuader. It turns out that’s only half true. He did persuade most of us that he should be president. But in Year One, he has failed to persuade most of us to support his major proposals. He’s even moved us in the other direction.” –political analyst Michael Barone

“Increasing numbers of Americans are saying that they are having trouble recognizing the country in which they were born and grew up. They will have even more trouble recognizing America if the Washington juggernaut does not lose a substantial part of its power in this year’s elections.” –economist Thomas Sowell


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