Harry Reid On Public Option: Chooses “Opt-Out”

via: rightsoup.com


Senate majority leader Harry Reid (D-NV) just concluded a press conference on the reworked Baucus health care bill, announcing that he’s backing a public option component with an “opt-out” provision for states. The public option will “ensure competition”, and Reid says it is what is “fair” and will “ensure competition”. There will also be a “co-op” in this bill.

Harry said that “a wide majority of Americans support a public option.” Obviously he hasn’t been reading any of the polls that canvas people other than Democrats. He’ll be sending his proposal to the CBO for scoring, so we’ll see how much this insanity will cost us– no word on if we’ll see the actual bill.

This may sound great on it’s face, until you consider that the Baucus and other health care proposals circulating in Congress use smoke and mirrors to achieve the “savings” they can’t stop touting.

The plans shift the cost burdens to the states or private payers, without affecting long-term health care inflation. The only provisions that could reduce the annual rate of growth in health care costs would erect government barriers between patients and their doctors, while jeopardizing long-term medical innovation.

Senate Finance Committee negotiators have designed a Medicare Commission (formerly Obama’s Independent Medicare Advisory Commission) to make similar cuts in doctor and hospital payment rates in a more obscure way. It would be a decider of whether treatments should be covered or not. But don’t call it a death panel!

Harry says he has the votes in the Senate, but that he’s “always looking for Republicans” to join him on the march towards socialism. Beyond the RINOs, good luck with that, Harry.


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