Sen. Whitehouse (D-RI), believing victory is at hand, heaped burning coals on those opposed to ObamaCare

Sen. Whitehouse opened up his Senate floor speech spewing venom directed squarely at you and me!

Quoting an article, which called those of us opposing the massive government takeover of our health care system the “lunatic fringe.” He took it a step further labeling us as “birthers, right-wing militias and Aryan groups.”

With passage of ObamaCare perhaps imminent, Whitehouse feels emboldened, deciding it’s ok to demonize the opposition — the American taxpayer, you and me!

By supporting a socialized health care bill fraught with earmarks, payoffs to Senators, aggressive Medicare cuts, massive tax increases, penalties and increased insurance premiums Whitehouse and others are putting their political heads on the chopping block…

Especially considering recent polling suggests a growing majority of Americans oppose ObamaCare.

++ “Let the Fax Blizzard Commence”!

After yesterday’s message, tens of thousands of faxes were scheduled for delivery to Senate offices — each one opposing every aspect of ObamaCare and those who support it’s socialist intent.

Now in the waning hours leading to this historic vote, I’m forecasting a deluge of faxes for EVERY Senate office on Capitol Hill!

Click here right now to schedule your faxes to the Senate:

Let’s make sure that Whitehouse and every other Senator who supported ObamaCare knows that the “lunatic fringe”, and the right-wing militia, birthers are weighing-in and holding each one accountable for this horrific bill.

Through our Faxfire fax system, you have the potential to impact EVERY SENATOR with a personal message — prior to the final vote!

I urge you to take action right now either using our custom fax delivery system or by downloading our fax letters and numbers to fax on your own.

Whatever method you choose, take action by clicking here now:

+ + Action #2: Call your two Senators

After scheduling your faxes, call your two Senators.

Locate your Senators here:

When calling, consider using these talking points:

–Identify yourself and the state in which you live.
–Demand to see and read the bill before the final vote.
–Tell them you oppose ObamaCare and urge them to vote “NO”.
–Express your outrage over the earmarks, the mandates,
  the oppressive taxes in the plan and the government takeover
  of yet another industry.

Finally, take a few additional moments to contact Sen. Whitehouse’s office. I believe he would love to receive warm holiday greetings from thousands of “birthers, right-wing militia, Aryan supporters and those of us among the “lunatic fringe”.

Senator Whitehouse: (202) 224-2921


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