The Paradox of Partisanship

“Barack Obama and Democrats in Congress have drawn sharp ideological lines with Republicans — divisions understood best by each side’s strongest partisan supporters. For Democrats, Republicans are ‘standing in the way’ of needed reforms. For Republicans, Democratic policies represent European-style government meddling. To many Republicans and conservatives, ‘bipartisanship’ in this type of environment is code for government doing even more. After a year of bailouts, czars, government takeovers, spending sprees and huge debt, many self-identified Republicans and conservative-to-moderate-leaning independents think more bipartisan success is not necessarily accomplishment or a positive outcome. So expect the paradox of partisanship to continue. While many will undoubtedly call for the machinery of Congress to operate smoothly, many important constituents will reward those who throw sand in the gears.” –columnist Gary Andres


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