Village Idiots

Who cares about climate facts:

“It is said that the science around climate change is not as certain as its proponents allege. It doesn’t need to be. What is beyond debate, however, is that there is a huge amount of scientific support for the view that the climate is changing and as a result of human activity. Therefore, even purely as a matter of precaution, given the seriousness of the consequences if such a view is correct, and the time it will take for action to take effect, we should act. Not to do so would be grossly irresponsible.” –former British Prime Minister Tony Blair

“Some of the models suggest that there is a 75 percent chance that the entire north polar ice cap during some of the summer months will be completely ice-free within the next five to seven years.” –Al Bore, citing a scientist who later said he didn’t know where Gore got that information

Consensus? “[E]verybody agrees that the recession is over.” –White House economic adviser Larry Summers

But is it really? “Of course not. For the people on Main Street and throughout this country, they are still suffering, the unemployment rate is still 10 percent.” –White House economic adviser Christina Romer

Confessions: “At 71, my mind is so old, I can’t remember if I have Alzheimer’s, or … what’s the other one?” –CNN founder Ted Turner

Hollywonks: “[Greed and imperialism (read: capitalism)] tends to destroy the environment and so on. And here they are doing the same thing on another pristine planet that we’ve done here on earth. So it’s a way, sort of looking back at ourselves from this other world and seeing what we’re doing here.” –director James Cameron on his epic sci-fi flick “Avatar” due out Friday


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