Bah humbug:

“[T]he truth of Christmas is tested in Washington as we move toward some sort of semi-universal health care against the near-unanimous opposition of Republicans. Given the chance to be shepherds or angels, they chose instead to be Herod. Spooked by the victory of Barack Obama, they decided to fight him on all fronts, even though Americans will die as a result.” –NPR’s Garrison Keillor

Poor guy:

 “The president says he thinks the Senate will pass his version of the bill by Christmas. Joe Lieberman says he’s not voting for it in it’s current form. So is the president’s stocking going to be empty on Christmas Day? –NBC’s Matt Lauer

More hot air:

“Climate change deniers say these e-mails are proof humans aren’t causing global warming. U.S. officials say the evidence proves otherwise.” –ABC correspondent Bob Woodruff

“This is about life or death — 192 countries are here in Copenhagen to cut the carbon emissions changing the climate and threatening the very existence of some nations and their people.” –ABC’s Anne Thompson

More taxes is always the answer:

“[W]hy not tax the [bankers’] bonuses? Britain last week announced that they’re going to have a big windfall tax, a one-time tax on these big bonuses this year because the banks got so much help. Why not do that?” –ABC’s George Stephanopoulos

Bush Bash of the Week:

“President Barack Obama had a golden opportunity to become a peacemaker compared to his hawkish predecessor. But he has let that opening evaporate by escalating the war in Afghanistan. Now he is called a ‘war president’ — a dubious title that former President George W. Bush personally embraced after starting two devastating wars, one in Afghanistan, the other in Iraq.” –White House press corps reporter Helen Thomas

Non Compos Mentis:

“There is no liberal media! The media which is, after all, owned by corporations naturally leans to the right.” –MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann

Uh, that wasn’t an error:

“An error was edited into Robert Poppiti’s column. The list of corrupt politicians should have included the name of former Louisiana Rep. William Jefferson, not William Jefferson Clinton.” –News Journal (Wilmington, DE) correction


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