The Copenhagen Conference: Emission Impossible

Opinion Editorial by Michael Economides and Art Horn

Emission Impossible is what Obama’s preposterous pledge to “cut in emissions” in this week’s Copenhagen conference is shaping up to be. “Climategate” has shown the motivations of the advocates and alarmists are as political as most suspected. The science shows much different conclusions than the “consensus.”

China and India will not agree to economic hara-kiri and new facts will most likely render any attempts at Copenhagen obsolete.

Climate change is real. The earth has been coming out of a 450 year cold era since it bottomed out in the late 1600s. Hundreds of studies have verified the existence of this cold period. The IPCC tried to erase the climate history of the last 1,000 years in its 2001 report–replacing all the peer reviewed studies of past climate with one that fit their needs. The now defunct “hockey stick” graph showed virtually no significant change in temperature of the world over the last 1,000 years. Conveniently the graph then shows a rapid and abrupt increase in global temperature during the last 100 years–supposedly due to our sin of burning fossil fuels and stoking the fires of global warming.

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