God Is My Protester

via: minnesotansforglobalwarming.com

By Elmer Beauregard


Braving freezing cold out, several thousand protesters were marching towards the climate conference venue, Bella Centre, in Copenhagen on the eve of the final session of the summit, reports Pinaki Roy from Copenhagen.

I saw this story of how all the protesters are freezing to death in Copenhagen, and wondered who are these idio… I mean protesters? They are divided into groups called Blue group, Tight Group, Green Group etc, and they are all basically NGO workers and climate activists from different countries. So they are being payed to be there and they are all “protesting” the conference for the same reason, they want population control under a World Government.

I haven’t heard of any “protesters” (payed workers) who are there on my behalf, that the whole thing is a made up farce to set up a World Government. So all I can do is pray that God will show up and show everyone who actually controls the weather and that he isn’t a big fan of a World Government.

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