The ‘Gore Effect’ sets in on Copenhagen as heavy snow is forecast

Tony Hake,

cop15-gore(1).jpgAs if on cue with former Vice President Al Gore’s arrival in Copenhagen, the site of the United Nation’s climate summit is expected to receive heavy snowfall and bitter cold temperatures. With a bit of amusement some have pointed to the arrival of the cold weather as an example of the ‘Gore Effect’.

In recent years, the term ‘Gore Effect’ has come to take note of unseasonable weather that seems to accompany the Nobel Laureate or when a significant global warming event is held. Since 2004 these coincidences occur with uncanny frequency. Gore arrived in Copenhagen yesterday and caused a stir in his first public event by claiming that all Arctic sea ice could disappear within five years.

The Dutch Meteorological Institute’s forecast for Wednesday calls for heavy snowfall with high temperatures of only 35 degrees (2 degrees Celsius). Temperatures will continue to drop Thursday and winds will be between 25 and 30 mph causing wind chill temperatures in the teens. Friday’s high temperature is forecast to stay below freezing and overnight lows will drop all the way to 10 degrees (-12 Celsius).

In recent weeks as Gore started to make a number of media appearances related to the release of his new book “Our Choice” and the Copenhagen summit, much of the United States was plunged into unusually cold weather.

For complete details about the “Gore Effect” and a list of events in recent years when it seemed to occur, click here.


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