This May Be Coming To Your State

Heard this on MPR this morning, almost drove off the road.

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Here are some excerpts:

Minnesota already has some of the strongest requirements in the country for utilities to become more efficient and produce more power with renewables.
…most of the electricity still comes from coal-fired power plants, and Great River Energy is worried about the costs of cap and trade. … only expects to get enough permits to cover half the company’s emissions.

… the best way for utilities to reduce their greenhouse gases is through conservation. In fact, Minnesota requires utilities to try to sell one-and-a-half percent less electricity every year.

Higher electricity prices might provide some persuasive power of their own. And a cap and trade system will make electricity generated by fossil fuels more expensive. So Minnesotans will either have to use less or pay more.

What struck me the most is that our law requires electrical companies to sell one-and-a-half percent less electricity every year. What if they discover cold fusion? The goal here doesn’t seem to be to reduce emissions but rather to reduce electrical generation.

Stephanie says we have two options, use less electricity or pay more. I can think of a third option …MOVE!


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