There May Be a Consensus – Just Not The One You Were Told


By Elmer Beauregard


Using their own numbers, the warmmongers keep saying that there are 2,500 scientists who still believe in global warming. On the other hand 31,000 scientists have signed a petition saying that they don’t believe in global warming. So there may be a Consensus, just not the one you were told. If this were a toothpaste commercial there would be some kind of graphic saying “12 out of 13 scientists agree, global warming is a hoax!”

In their attempt to minimize “Climategate” they put out a little story yesterday, “Harvard professor weighs in on climategate“. Ok, he’s a Harvard professor, but all he is basically saying is “pay no attention to that man behind the curtain”. (or should I say Mann behind the curtain?)

He mentions the peer reviewed process twice, as does Ed Begley Jr. about 100 times. Which has always been one of their main talking points. The thing this story fails to mention is that Climategate reveals that their whole peer reviewing process is corrupt. The “Peers” are the ones pushing the propaganda and they won’t allow any dissenting voices into their publications.


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