How Easily Some Are Duped by CAIR

ACT for America got a GREAT start to their petition launched on Friday calling for a government investigation of CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations), with over 7,000 people signing thus far.
If you haven’t yet signed the petition (which takes only a couple minutes to read and sign), please consider this.
In the new blockbuster book, Muslim Mafia, the authors give an account of how CAIR, working in tandem with a county police officer, helped scuttle a valuable counter-terrorism training program — and left the door wide open for a breach of a classified police database, putting all of us at risk!
Here is a point by point summary of the details from the book that should shock you and make your blood boil!

  1. The Fairfax County (Virginia) Police Department (FCPD) had a training contract for its officers with the Higgins Center for Counter Terrorism Research, which it maintained for several years without complaint.
  2. Then, at least two Muslim officers on the force complained about the program — one of them a sergeant named Mohammad Rasool.
  3. CAIR complained as well, claiming the program portrayed Islam in a “bad light.” In fact, CAIR officials had at least two phone conversations to complain about the program with the FCPD’s Chief, David Rohrer.
  4. In 2006, the FCPD canceled the counter-terrorism training program.
  5. Also that year, Chief Rohrer spoke at CAIR’s annual fundraising dinner, where he said, “Let us choose tolerance over intolerance, acceptance over prejudice, and understanding over ignorance.”
  6. When agents went to arrest Rasool’s friend, they found him destroying evidence. Knowing they had a mole, agents worked backward and discovered it was Rasool.
  7. The very counter-terrorism training program CAIR and the two Muslim officers complained about, and Chief Rohrer canceled, was in part designed to help prevent what Rasool did!
  8. Unbeknownst to Rohrer, Rasool was combing through a classified federal police database. Why? Because a fellow Muslim told Rasool he thought he was under surveillance. Rasool’s search through the classified database confirmed that the fellow Muslim was under surveillance. Rasool then tipped him off.
  9. In other words, this was a case, not of the “fox guarding the henhouse,” but the “fox” (Rasool and CAIR) telling the “farmer” (Chief Rohrer) that the “henhouse” shouldn’t be guarded — because doing so would offend the fox!

    This is just ONE example of how government officials, intoxicated with political correctness, have been duped by CAIR.

    Yet many in Congress and the media continue to support and defend CAIR!

    They need to hear from the grassroots of America that this state of affairs is simply unacceptable! That’s why ACT for America is urging you to sign their new petition, as a first step in a national effort to draw attention to CAIR and the need for a government investigation. Then forward this email to everyone you know.

    You can be certain that CAIR does not want you to sign this petition. You can be certain CAIR does not want you to read Muslim Mafia and the stunning revelations in its pages.

    CAIR and its allies are hoping the facts about CAIR get swept under the rug. Choosing not to sign this petition increases the possibility that this will, in fact, happen. Indeed, WorldNetDaily reported last week that there has been a virtual media blackout of Muslim Mafia and the information it reports.


    Please don’t let CAIR continue its efforts to undermine our national security! You CAN make a difference by signing our petition today!


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