The senate version of the healthcare bill

The senate version of the healthcare bill is scheduled to come to a vote by THIS Saturday evening.

We must stand firm: No more discussion – NO MORE SPENDING – NO FORM of GOVERNMENT take over of our HEALTHCARE!!!!!

I cannot over emphasize the consequences if this bill passes. It WILL BE THE END of America as we have known it. PLEASE  TODAY (Friday) call your senators and as many other senators as possible and tell them politely NOT TO VOTE for Reid’s Healthcare Bill in no uncertain terms.

Obama and the radical Democrats in congress are lying to the American people. Many of the moderates and independents (even Republicans) do not understand who they are dealing with. It will destroy our economy and this nation as we know it – if it passes.

Several days ago the Lord told me in no uncertain terms that America is being raped. Friends – it is time to get on the phone and call every senator you can reach clearly articulating they can NOT pass the healthcare bill AND then we must pray for a miracle – for a breakthrough miracle to stop this from passing.

2,074 page senate bill that was released Wednesday night – to be voted on possibly as early as Saturday night! This bill is unsustainable! And includes our taxes paying for abortions! We must stop government spending now!!! Our national debt reportedly stands at 12.2 Trillion (government figures). This figure does NOT include the healthcare bill. However, our national debt actually is 106 Trillion. The government calls this additional debt ‘unfunded liabilities’  and this does NOT include the healthcare bill. We – as a nation – cannot ever repay this; it would take over a hundred years paying our entire GNP yearly to repay it. The government, congress and administration is pulling a Bernie Madoff on the American people – never seen in history. We cannot live in denial of the insane deficit spending any longer.

We, the American people cannot allow this healthcare bill to pass. Please take steps now to do all you can to stop the passage of this bill by calling your own senators and every other senator you know. I have listed some key Democrat senators below to call.

Please seek the Lord for HIS help – we desperately need HIS miracle intervention.

Thank you for listening and acting.

Try calling their home state offices if you have problems reaching the DC numbers.

Mary Landrieu of Louisiana

Ben Nelson of Nebraska202-224-6551

Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas

Evan Bayh of Indiana



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4 responses to “The senate version of the healthcare bill

  1. nhiemstra

    You don’t investigate this much do you? Yes, proof of weapons were found. They were shipped to Syria during the months before the war . . . regarding the financial bust, again you need to research it. It was initially created by the Dems demanding the banks to make ridiculous loans to unqualified people.

  2. nhiemstra

    They have already admitted it is the first step to bring it about. They are savvy enough to know they couldn’t get away with the whole package from the beginning. They intend to take one-step-at-a-time.

  3. Also – please, please, actually read the bill, okay? Not the 1200 page version of it (and MOST govt bills of this magnitude are incredibly long) but the summaries that you can find online.

    I’ve lived in two countries with nationalized health care. The Obama plan (now law) is NOT socialized medicine, by the furthest stretch of the imagination.

  4. What caused most of the deficit?

    1. The invasion of Iraq – for WMD that never existed – a Bush boondoggle
    2. The banking collapse of 2008 – which Bush moved to bail out (correctly, I believe)

    The deficit will kill our country. But none of the political parties – and Tea Party is included – offer any plan more serious than, “Well, those guys in Washington oughta spend less! But NOT by reducing spending for my priorities.”

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