Village Idiots

That’s just superstition:

“I think as far as his [Obama’s] popularity decreasing, I think it’s because people are so used to, they’re so afraid of change and I think you have politics playing too much a role in what should be a natural, given that health care in this country needs to be improved and that’s just a reality.” –musician Stevie Wonder

Look who’s talking:

“Capitalism offers you freedom, but far from giving people freedom, it enslaves them.” –actor Ian McKellen, who has made an awful lot of money because of capitalism

A rebuttal to McKellen:

“Who the hell wants to hear actors talk?” –Harry Morris Warner (1881-1958), co-founder of Warner Brothers, in 1927

Non Compos Mentis:

“I don’t know what motivates [Nidal Hasan] … as far as I know … he’s a sociopath; he’s a criminal. He could have had a toothache and gone off because of that.” —Geraldo Rivera

Lavish praise: “It’s an interesting twist of fate here in our own backyard that former Vice President Al Gore has taken on a new platform and is now a catalyst for world change. So, in essence, he’s president of the people. He’s president of the planet. And the work that he’s doing is more important than any other work that could possibly be done.” –“eco-entrepreneur” Marci Zaroff


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