Sympathy for the devil:

“Now that you’ve had the opportunity to speak with him a couple of times, do you think — and this is not from a scientific or even legal standpoint, but just as you’ve been able to speak with him, do you think he’s competent to stand trial?” –CBS’s Harry Smith to Col. John Galligan, retired Army officer and Nidal Hasan’s civilian attorney


“The prospect of a Democratic Congress curtailing reproductive rights as a price for health-care reform is yet another reality check for those of us who thought Democratic control of Congress and the White House heralded a new day for progressive policies. … Pro-choice activists are furious, and they’re raising money from likeminded women who feel that their party has turned on them.” –Newsweek’s Eleanor Clift

No bias here:

 “I worry about the lack of objectivity and the future of the news business. … I don’t like the fact that they’re delivering news based on the conviction of its viewers.” –ABC’s Charles Gibson on Fox News and MSNBC

Other than that, the story was accurate:

“I want to apologize to Governor Palin and all of our viewers. On Friday, in a very misguided attempt to have some fun in advance of Sarah Palin’s upcoming book Going Rogue, our staff mistakenly used some clearly photoshopped images of Ms. Palin without any acknowledgment. … We should have never used those photos in the first place…. I apologize.” –MSNBC’s Dylan Ratigan, who did at least apologize

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