Flashback: Medicare Exceeded Congress’ Cost Projections By 800%

via: rightsoup.com

While the CBO has come out and scored the Baucus concepts at $829 billion it is worth noting, as HotAir points out, that Congress isn’t the most reliable source for “uncertain” projections like the CBO’s scoring.

Medicare’s initial projection of $12 billion in expenditures for the year 1990 turned out to be “uncertain” too. How uncertain? Actual 1990 expenditures ended up at $107 billion, a cool 800 percent higher than Congress thought they’d be.

So what’s an 800% increase on the $829 billion Baucus proposal? Why it’s a mere $7.5 trillion.

While exceeding projections by 800% sounds excessive it would require only a 21% increase in actual costs for the Baucus’ plan to exceed $1 trillion.


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