Village Idiots

False choices:

“When this all comes down, a vote for real reform, which is the public option, means you’re on the side of the American people and giving them choices. A vote against the bill and against the public option means you’re in favor of the insurance companies.” –Demo loudmouth Howard Dean

Redefining success:

“When a, when a school does not have to fire a teacher, when a city doesn’t have to fire a fireman, when it can keep teachers in the classroom, cops on the streets, firemen in the firehouse, that’s a job saved. … When businesses cut fewer jobs, that’s a job saved. … The government’s doing exactly what it should be doing.” –Treasure Secretary Timothy Geithner on “saved jobs”

He’s got to be kidding:

“Obama has created an atmosphere of no fear. Nobody is really worried about the revenge of Barack Obama, because he is not a vengeful man. That’s what we love about him; he is so high-minded, and a conciliatory guy, and he tries to govern with a sense of consensus–all noble goals, but they don’t get you very far in this Washington knifing environment.” –Douglas Brinkley, a history professor at Rice University and political biographer who has apparently missed the entire kerfuffle over White House Enemy No. 1, Fox News

Sometimes they get it right II:

“If the U.S. passed a cap and trade and other countries did not, it wouldn’t work. It would ruin the U.S. economy and it wouldn’t save the climate either.” –Dr. Steve Running, co-author of the Nobel Prize winning Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s report on global warming


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