Nothing Casual About This Lawsuit


A federal judge in New York threw out a complaint by a lawyer alleging a constitutional right to wear jeans and a baseball cap in court.

Donning an “Operation Desert Storm” baseball hat, blue jeans, and a button-down shirt, attorney Todd Bank appeared before housing court Judge Ann Katz who told him he was dressed inappropriately.  Then the court clerk asked him to remove his hat.  Bank sued the judge and clerk, claiming his right to free speech and his liberty to dress as he wishes were violated.

U.S. District Judge Nicholas Garaufis disagreed, writing that a courtroom is a “staid environment” where a judge can set reasonable limits to enforce “commonly shared mores of courtroom civility.”

Ruling that the case raised “no serious dispute,” Judge Garaufis lamented that the Attorney General’s office had to expend resources defending the matter.



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