Defense Bill Signed

Barack Obama signed the $680 billion defense authorization bill Wednesday. The bill contains the unrelated provision extending so-called “hate crimes” protections to homosexuals and others with gender-disorientation pathology. The measure had failed on its own for years, so Democrats shamelessly attached it to the must-pass defense bill. That failure is largely due to the fact that it makes certain thoughts a crime. Rep. Mike Pence (R-IN) summed it up: “Hate crimes legislation is antithetical to the First Amendment, unnecessary and will have a chilling effect on religious freedom.”

Meanwhile, the defense bill contains provisions far more deleterious to national defense, such as terminating production of the F-22. Of gutting the nation’s air superiority, Obama crowed that he was being fiscally responsible: “When Secretary Gates and I first proposed going after some of these wasteful projects, there were a lot of people who didn’t think it was possible, who were certain we were going to lose, who were certain that we were going to get steamrolled. Today, we have proven them wrong.” He then added, “There’s still more fights that we need to win.” (Like the fight against bad grammar, maybe?)

Obviously, to Democrats, “defense” means pushing aberrant sexual behavior while leaving the nation defenseless.


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