Bo Has a Birthday

Presidential pets have always been pampered to some extent, so when the First Family’s Portuguese water dog, Bo (a narcissistic name if ever there was one), had his first birthday it’s no surprise the main course was a cake made of veal at a party held in his honor.

Granted, this Portuguese water dog isn’t exactly the rescue puppy Obama promised to secure for his daughters upon moving to the White House, since such a purebred puppy can fetch up to $3,000 on the open market. But in this day and age of average Americans having to cut back on things like feeding their own family pet, the normality of the Obama family feting the First Pet is an inspiration to all of us. Besides, having a birthday party for Bo is still cheaper than an overseas shopping trip or date in New York City — a date whose criticism has already made Barack rather unhappy.

By all accounts, Bo enjoyed his party even though his canine brother Cappy stole part of the veal birthday cake. (Cappy is obviously a Demodog.) So we too extend our birthday wishes to Bo and hope he enjoys three more in the White House.


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