“Polls show public sentiment increasing for a public option. A Washington Post-ABC poll found nearly six out of 10 favor a public option; 73 percent of doctors want it, too. … A public option is the right thing to do morally…” –Newsweek’s Eleanor Clift

Don Bush:

“People in administrations make short-term decisions, and I think the one to sort of go on the offensive publicly against Fox was not too bright. Now, the Bush White House did that, it just cut people dead, it froze them out, you know it froze whole institutions out, didn’t talk about it. It was much more like the Mob. When you talk about it, you diminish your influence.” –NPR’s Nina Totenberg

Bush Derangement Syndrome:

“Next to the other hoaxes and fantasies that have been abetted by the news media in recent years, both the ‘balloon boy’ and Chamber of Commerce ruses are benign. The Colorado balloon may have led to the rerouting of flights and the wasteful deployment of law enforcement resources, but at least it didn’t lead the country into fiasco the way George W. Bush’s flyboy spectacle on an aircraft carrier helped beguile most of the Beltway press and too much of the public into believing that the mission had been accomplished in Iraq.” –New York Times columnist Frank Rich

Cheney Derangement Syndrome:

“The benefits for the White House of having Dick Cheney come out and [accuse the Obama of] ‘dithering’ [on Afghanistan] is … it puts Cheney out there as a kind of boogieman the administration can point to. He’s not terribly popular outside of conservative circles. And also, it allows the administration to talk about the situation they inherited, and the neglect of the Bush-Cheney years. … So in some ways, Dick Cheney is a gift for the White House.” –CBS’s John Dickerson

“I’ve had Republicans from across the spectrum today say that Cheney shouldn’t have weighed in, should have butted out too. One Republican even suggested it was so bizarre for Cheney to be the one making this argument and noted that Cheney didn’t look well, that maybe there’s something medically wrong with the vice president or his emotional state.” –MSNBC’s David Shuster (An incredible statement without naming any of the “Republicans from across the spectrum.”)


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