New York’s Conservative Rebellion

We’ve been following the Congressional race in New York-23–it’s become quite a match between two liberals and a conservative. (It doesn’t matter whether there is a “D” or an “R” after the liberal names; they’re virtually indistinguishable save for one has a “D” and the other–an “R”.)

Many conservatives want to use the Nov. 3 special election to teach the GOP a lesson about sticking to conservative ideals — even though if it means the party loses a House seat it has held for many years. The conservatives are backing third-party candidate Doug Hoffman, who is currently polling as a real contender. Republican and ridiculously liberal Dede Scozzafava has weakened considerably since Hoffman joined the race.

Support Doug Hoffman as it comes down to the wire on November 3rd.

The New York Post endorsed Hoffman saying:

Next week’s special election merits attention throughout the state. That’s because the Republican candidate in that race, Assemblywoman Dede Scozzafava, is the product of an obscenely corrupt political bargain by GOP bosses that sells out their party — and New Yorkers generally.

Because of that, and because so many of her positions ill-serve the interests of New York and the nation, The Post today endorses businessman Doug Hoffman, the Conservative Party nominee.

No, Republicans needn’t toe the conservative line without any deviation. Moderate GOPers like Rudy Giuliani have managed to stray on some issues without wholly betraying their party. But a Republican should adhere to certain minimum GOP principles. Scozzafava is just too far to the left too often.

And not only on social matters, like same-sex marriage and abortion. In Albany, Scozzafava has been such a profligate tax-and-spender, she can almost make Speaker Sheldon Silver blush. With the backing of the ACORN-allied Working Families Party, she supports Big Labor’s favorite organizing bill — card-check — as well as the federal stimulus, opposed by every House Republican.

Hoffman, by contrast, understands the dangers of unchecked spending, monster deficits and ever-higher taxes — i.e., concerns of average working Americans.

The anger of the arguably disenfranchised of NY-23 has spiked– there are plenty of conservatives who are appalled at .gov’s massive spending, huge regulation-increase plans and Barack Obama’s advisory club. The fight on the right has also made this race the center of a national debate about the future of the GOP. Party leadership are dithering about emphasizing the GOP’s small-government and socially conservative values vs. trying to reach independent and moderate voters.

News flash, GOP. Those independents don’t like your message lately. Lots of them are conservative- especially when it comes to fiscal policy. The party’s RINO’s, (ahem, Newt and pals) who’ve chosen moderate candidates in key races are facing conservative desertion in those elections. In Florida’s Senate race, Gov. Charlie Crist (Barack Obama declared him his favorite Republican) is having to contend with conservatives who are raising money and supporting the candidacy of Marco Rubio, former speaker of the Florida House. (You can kick some help to Marco here.)

In both NY-23 and the Florida Senate race, conservatives are sending a powerful message to The Powers That Be: Limited government. That sums it up. A government limited from spending our nation into oblivion, limited from concocting “social justice” schemes, limited from taxing us a myriad of ways, limited from taking over huge swaths of our economy. Limited from the ridiculous bureaucracies that go along with the above.

Conservatives across the country have awakened, and are putting their money where their mouths are. Internet organizing isn’t just Obama’s asset– party disaffected across the nation are pumping funds into the first elections since the Obama coup. With apologies to James Carville: “It’s the conservative candidate, stupid.” That’s what it’s about now. The first shots have been fired across the bow of out-of-control liberalism, and the battles are truly on.

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