Lord Monckton Speaks On Climate Change Scam At Accuracy In Media’s 40th Anniversary

The UK’s Lord Monckton is quickly becoming the poster boy for the massive stand against Cap and Trade. As Right Souper’s know, Obama may sign the UN’s Copenhagen Climate Change treaty in December, subordinating our nation’s sovereignty to global rule. The treaty is no more than a global redistribution of wealth scam; the “green” movement has become infested with communists like Van Jones and Mark Lloyd.

Congress would normally have to pass the agreement for it to become law in the U.S. However, Barack Obama has been advised that he could make an “executive agreement” on climate change, and skirt the need for Congressional approval. Do not be silent. Contact your Representatives today and let them know: A) We will not stand for the communist green scam, and B) They must not let the Executive branch of our country subvert our elected representatives.

Here’s Lord Monckton with more:


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