RINO Lashes Out

The already newsworthy special election in New York’s 23rd Congressional District took a turn for the ugly last week when RINO candidate Dede Scozzafava called local police on a reporter questioning her.

John McCormack, a blogger for the Weekly Standard, found himself on the receiving end of questions from local police in Lowville, New York, after a GOP event featured Scozzafava beseeching Republicans to vote for her and not Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman. The police were called in because McCormack was making Scozzafava “scared … a little bit” with his persistent but polite questioning both during and after the event, though he wasn’t charged with any criminal offense.

Scozzafava has alienated GOP voters in a district that elected former Republican Congressman John McHugh (who resigned to become Secretary of the Army) by a nearly 2-to-1 margin. Among her far-left positions, the New York state Assemblywoman reliably voted for higher taxes, supported abortion rights, flipped back and forth about card check, and was endorsed by none other than the far-left Daily Kos blog. As word got out about her political positions, she has dropped down to third in recent polling in this three-way race behind Democrat Bill Owens and Hoffman.

Scozzafava was selected for the Congressional nomination by local GOP officials over a field that included Hoffman, and she has also received backing from the national Republican Party and an endorsement from Newt Gingrich. They say politics creates strange bedfellows. This race has provided some of the strangest in memory.


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