Media Double Standard

CNN has an update on a disturbing crime in West Virginia: “A 22-year-old woman whose claims that she was abused in a trailer in rural West Virginia in 2007 helped send six people to prison now says she made up the story.” The victim, who is black, accused her six attackers, who are white, of some pretty heinous crimes for which they are each serving up to 40 years. (The strange thing is that all six confessed, which begs the question: Why is she now recanting?) At the time, Al Sharpton joined in calling it a “hate crime,” and the event garnered national media attention.

Obviously, it reminds us of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom, the Knoxville couple who, in January 2007, were carjacked, raped and murdered by five black perpetrators. The story received almost no media attention, and Al Sharpton did not denounce it as a hate crime. That crime is still in the trial phase, but it has yet to gain real traction in the media.


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