Jobs in Detoilet

Having proven to be educated beyond her capacity, Michigan’s Democrat Governor Jennifer Granholm is set to demonstrate her astonishing lack of command of Econ 101 yet again. Her previous exploit in 2007 — levying the largest tax increase in Michigan history ($1.4 billion) — was apparently just a warm-up for her latest feat.

That would be upping the ante $600 million more to reduce Michigan’s projected $2.8 billion deficit — this, despite the governor’s promise never again to raise taxes after the disaster that followed her record-breaking ’07 tax hike. In a state in which a 15.2 percent unemployment rate leads the nation and in which its population — including business — is leaving at a two-to-one rate over those entering, the liberals’ poster child has decided that the best way to fix these problems is to raise taxes.

More than 750,000 private-sector jobs have fled the state since the decade began and by the time Granholm’s current term expires, that number is projected to be well over a million. Worse, at 637,000 strong, government jobs now eclipse manufacturing jobs (which total less than 500,000) in a state that used to be one of the world’s top manufacturing dynamos. Government is also now the state’s largest employer. (Around the nation, since the “stimulus” was enacted, 49 of 50 states have lost jobs.)

Showcasing her lack of understanding of the underlying issues, Gov. Granholm recently went toe-to-toe with multi-billionaire casino mogul Steve Wynn on Fox News. Wynn had declared, “Government has never increased the standard of living of one single human being in civilization’s history. For some reason that simple truth has evaded everybody.” He went on to explain, “The biggest obstacle that working middle-class America has is government spending.” Both statements stirred a visceral reaction from the governor.

Attempting to cast the savvy tycoon as a rube, Granholm countered, “It’s just so simplistic to say that … you know, I mean there are a lot of people who are grateful that in this country we have a minimum wage … that they have access to Medicare and Medicaid. … I mean, there is a balance here. To say that government is all evil … this is a democracy! It’s the greatest country in the world!”

Wynn, realizing he was in a gunfight with an unarmed opponent, shot back: “I didn’t say that at all. I’m saying that the source of government revenue — the source of well-being in this country — is employment. That allows companies to pay taxes, employees to pay taxes … and believe me, ma’am, I’ve got 20,000 employees. I’ve had as many as 150,000 families that I’ve been self-insuring. There’s nothing ‘simplistic’ about my approach to this problem.”

No, the simpleton in this exchange was obvious. Unfortunately, Granholm’s errant thinking has done nothing to create jobs, and in fact has only put more people on the street, giving ample support for many who now label Detroit “Detoilet.”


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