Fawning Admiration Award

With all of the favorable press coverage of Barack Obama over the last 18 months, it’s no surprise that his mug was plastered on hundreds of magazine covers during that time. In fact, the number is so large that the American Society of Magazine Editors has created a special award category to honor the best magazine cover featuring Obama. (Needless to say, the infamous New Yorker cover featuring Obama dressed as a Muslim and fist-bumping a gun-toting Michelle as the American flag burns in the background didn’t come out on top.)

Gushing with praise for the winner and five runners-up, the ASME apparently figured the sheer number of possible entries was such that they couldn’t fit the Obama covers into another category such as News and Business, Lifestyle, Entertainment and Celebrity, or even Sexiest.

Certainly Obama is an appropriate topic for a magazine cover; after all, what he’s doing to America is news. But the television overexposure that’s driving his approval ratings down is matched only by the sheer number of Obama pictures staring out from the newsstands. While one can’t judge a book by its cover, the chances are pretty good that if you see Obama on a magazine, you won’t see hard questions about his policies inside.


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