Noble versus Nobel

via: grizzlygroundswell and The Political Commentator

The recent Nobel Prize to President Obama is fading from the news, but this morning I just wanted to clarify what the definition of is, is.

No Awards Given For What Might Be

For all of the children and young adults who have witnessed the recent travesty called the Nobel Peace Prize awarded to President Obama, I wanted to provide a small dose of reality.

When doing your job or competing in a sport or contest, winning or losing is typically not determined by what it is that you intend to do or for who you are not, but by the tangible results of your endeavor.

For our young people old enough to understand, this Nobel Prize recently awarded to the President sent a very bad message about words versus deeds. All of the best intentions to get something done does not rise to award worthy status until you have hit your bogey. A couple of simple examples:

If you win a tennis tournament or football championship, it is award worthy. If you give a great locker room speech before the game, it is not yet award worthy.

Finding a cure for a disease or a medicine to help mitigate the symptoms of that disease is incredibly award worthy. Saying that you will find a cure for cancer some day is not.

Saying that you will increase sales 50% does not win you salesman of the year award, but actually hitting that number will.

Saying that you want peace on earth is noble, but not a Nobel worthy achievement! There is an extremely large distinction.


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