Graham pollster to Republicans: Abandon ‘cap and tax’, skepticism

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Now that Sen. Lindsey Graham has teamed up with Sen.John Kerry in trying to foist cap-and-tax on America, one of Graham’s goons is offering advice to Republicans on how to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

In an article about a new poll indicating that almost 80 percent of Americans don’t know what cap-and-trade is but that Republicans are almost twice as likely as Democrats to know about cap-and-trade, ClimateWire reports,

Republican pollster Whit Ayres downplayed the viability of phrases like “cap and tax.” For those opposed to the bill, he said, the most effective strategy is using third-party “validators” like the Congressional Budget Office to point out costs of specific provisions within legislation.

And he said the worst strategy for the GOP would be to deny that climate change is a man-made phenomenon, according to his polling research.

Although we are winning the battle against oppressive green climate/energy legislation — or at least holding our own against vastly better funded opponents — “Republican” pollster Ayres says we should change tactics — i.e., don’t say “cap-and-tax” and don’t question whether climate change is manmade. Ayres further advises that we should rely on “third-party validators” like the

CBO — a group that thinks Americans will actually benefit economically from cap-and-tax (Oops… it slipped. Sorry, Dim-Whit.)

Sen. Graham is one of Ayres’ clients as is the Environmental Defense Fund — no wonder Ayres wants us to surrender our winning ways.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is one of Ayres’ clients — do you think Ayres will follow the likes of Apple, Nike and Exelon and abandon the USCOC? Perhaps it should abandon Ayres?

BTW, don’t forget to check out Nancy Morgan’s terrific piece in today’s American Thinker, “The Seduction of Lindsey Graham.”


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One response to “Graham pollster to Republicans: Abandon ‘cap and tax’, skepticism

  1. 4Deuce

    Those who have not availed themselves of the opportunity to read it, I encourage you to get and read a copy of the US Senate Minority Report on the Global Warming charade. In this report, you will be treated to 38 pages of exact quotations from scientists who speak out aginst the bogus doomsday claims on global warming zealots. Looking closely, you will see the quotes of numerous scientists formerly associated in some way to the infamous IPCC – the UN-backed redistibution of wealth pimps who peddled and spread this junk science on the world stage. If you can read the 38 pages of quotes provided by actual scientists and then still think that “the debate is over” you will have defied all common sense and logic.

    Commentaries such as these – contained in the Senate Minority Report – is exactly what The Lindsay Grahams of this world do not want people knowing about. The debate is not at all over – it has only just begun. The so-callesd global warming consensus so often referred to by Al Gore is no substitute for the scientific method and a spigot-like flow of government grant money paying for predetermined conclusions from grantees is not onjective science in any sense at all – it is payolla and nothing more that that.

    CBO lost its little remaining credibility as a source of taxpayer confidence when it announced that Obama’s health care bill would not break taxpayers backs. The CBO was conned into making that comment about the cost legitimacy of what is only legislative “concept language” and not factoring the cost of real legislative wording. As they say, the devil is in the details and the CBO played into the Obama Administration’s efforts at sleight-of-hand… and reduced the credibilty of the CBO as a public advocate in seeking the truth of government program costs to the taxpayer.

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