Republican Suicide

In a potential political suicide, the New York Republican Party selected NY State Assembly member Dierdre “Dede” Scozzafava to replace U.S. Rep. John McHugh (confirmed as Barack Obama’s Secretary of the Army) in an upcoming NY-23 special election. In the ultimate sign of these perverted times, supporting Scozzafava is the National Republican Congressional Committee — along with ACORN, SEIU and their affiliate, the Working Families Party.

To get those dubious endorsements, Scozzafava backs Obama’s stimulus bill(s), Card Check, Cash for Clunkers and the Davis Bacon Act; refuses to sign either no tax or no pork pledges; and voted for bank bailouts, forced union dues payments from NY state employees and more than 190 instances of higher taxes. Furthermore, the company for which she recently resigned as chief operating officer has over $192,000 in tax liens.

As for the Republican endorsement, it is just a dark indication of how lost and misguided the GOP remains to this day.

If Scozzafava sounds like the ideal Democrat candidate, she is — NY Democrats considered running her as their candidate but, allegedly, developed cold feet over, of all things, the tax issue (or maybe Democrats calculated it easiest to run her with an R in a Republican district, especially considering the weak political novice Democrat attorney that they did choose.)

The third choice in this three-horse race is NY Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman. With national backlash against both parties and with endorsements from powerhouses Fred Thompson and the Club for Growth, Hoffman has strong polling numbers. But, as the mother’s milk of politics, Hoffman requires substantial financial backing, and quickly, to defeat his ACORN/SEUI/WFP opponent and send true hope and change to Washington.


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