Destruction of the US: Part 1 – Remove Our Freedom

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If one were to examine how our country came into being, and what expected changes were to be made to maintain it, then one can only come to one conclusion – that we are by no means free today.

Freedom is essentially the ability to pursue ones dream. The more unbridled it is, the more productive it can be. At the time this concept was born, it was a blessing to those who received it, and an object of mockery to those who ‘knew better’. It was a gift that if pursued properly, could lead to all sorts of good things.

Yet that is not the way it is seen today. Today freedom is blamed for causing all our woes. The truth however, is that abused freedom has been harbored by our justice system for so long, that true freedom has lost its meaning. True freedom has been lost when common sense became lost in one nationwide hysteria after another. To fix this, we need to understand what true freedom is, and what is required for it to work. Having already defined freedom as best I can in the above paragraph, I will now address the latter.

To work, freedom needs to be taken with personal responsibility. When morals are lost, personal responsibility goes right out the window with it, and people start acting foolishly. When morals are lost, a person will not admit it was their own actions that got them into the mess they find themselves in, and they turn the blame on someone else. All too often this leads to new laws being enacted to ‘protect’ the individual. When this happens, everyone else is now held to standard that limits their productivity, and punishes them for an action that usually harmed no one.

To work, freedom needs self-discipline. To many people these days, I am wrong for even saying this. I have been told that true freedom allows people doing as they see fit, and someone will tell them when they are going too far. Being that this contradicts free will, I stand by my point. The fact is if you are a self-disciplined person, you will automatically do the right thing. You will work because you or your family needs to eat. You will strive to work better to improve your living conditions. You will study as much as you can to learn more about the world around you (this will make for a more creative, inventive mind). You will avoid hurting others to improve your own position because then you will have lost your morals, and personal responsibility will lose its meaning.

To work, freedom needs backbone. IE – you can’t expect everyone else to look after you. If the individual lacks backbone, then they will rely on someone else to protect them. If you do place yourself under someone else’s protection, then do not expect them to do so at your whims and wishes. In addition, if someone is afraid or unable to handle a risk, then they should not be allowed the same rewards as those who can or does. When a risk hurts the individual who makes the jump, then it is up to that person to bear the effects only.

To work, freedom needs to allow failure. Not everyone is perfect, and not everyone will succeed all the time. If ones failure is compensated for by those who had nothing to do with it, then the individual who failed will not see their action as a failure, and will most likely move on to fail at something else. This can be very harsh sometimes, especially to those with low risk tolerance, yet if it is not allowed, those who do fail will prevent those who did not from operating at their full potential. When taken to an extreme level such as we see today, this can be quite damaging.

To work, one must understand that freedom is not there for them to live with so many vices that they can no longer support themselves. Freedom is best utilized for self improvement. While a certain amount of vices per person can be tolerated, one should not use freedom as an excuse to encourage damaging behavior. If on drinks to much, drives to recklessly, shoots their firearms wherever they want etc., then they have taken that freedom to a point where it will hurt or even kill someone else. In other words, just because you can does not mean that you should. Use discretion.

The point is that freedom is a double edged sword. When used properly and when well guided it is quite powerful. Yet if used carelessly it will shred its bearer, and usually hurts others in the process. If it becomes feared for its nature, it will be given to someone else to use and you will find yourself at the whims of others.

We had a fair chance to keep our freedoms and live a good life. We went wrong when we devalued morals. We went wrong when we lost faith in ourselves. We went wrong when we let fear grip us and plead our ‘leaders’ for help. We went wrong by replacing timeless knowledge and strength for the thought of the day that encourages laziness. We went wrong by being complacent to our own future and the results of our actions, thus driving one poor action after another.

So the powerful few have stepped forward ‘to our aid’. They claim to give us prosperity but they only give ruin. They claim to give us security, but they only give us war. They claim to give us a voice in our countries future, but drown it out with mind numbing lies. They claim to give us education, but only give us what they think we should know. They claim to give us health, but only under their watchful eye.

We bought it hook, line, and sinker. Until we take the freedom from the powerful few and return it to ‘we the people’, we will continue to lose. A major step in destroying a country is to take away its freedom, and this has already happened in so many ways we aren’t even questioning it anymore. So start asking questions, and more importantly, demand a verifiable answer. Ask, while you still can.

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