Arpaio Handcuffed on Alien Arrests

“The Obama administration is curbing the powers of an Arizona sheriff who has led one of the most contentious fights against illegal immigrants,” reports The Wall Street Journal. “Under an agreement involving local enforcement of federal immigration law, Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s deputies will no longer have the authority to arrest suspected illegal immigrants in the streets in the course of their duty.”

Long a lightning rod in the immigration debate, Arpaio has arrested approximately 30,000 illegals since 2007 as part of a partnership with the federal government. But the sheriff was forced to sign a revised agreement restricting his ability to determine immigration status of those inmates booked into Maricopa County jails — it can no longer be a reason for federal arrest by county officers. Lest readers think old Joe caved, however, he declared, “They took away my authority on the streets. That doesn’t matter because I will still pursue illegals on the streets of Maricopa utilizing the authority I have as the elected official.”


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