Reasonable Observations

“President Obama vows not to raise taxes on any American family earning less than $250,000 a year. Yet he backs legislation that would force every American to carry health insurance or pay a hefty penalty to the IRS. Such an ‘individual mandate’ is included in all the major health care bills making their way through Congress.” –columnist Jeff Jacoby

“This isn’t just about the partisan activists on the left or right. It’s about an ever-growing sense on the part of regular Americans that their government isn’t just clueless about their priorities and the realities of their lives; worse, they’re beginning to believe that elected officials hold them and their views in outright contempt.” –columnist Carol Platt Liebau

“In a sense, the health care debate and the foreign policy debacle are two sides of the same coin: For Britain and other great powers, the decision to build a hugely expensive welfare state at home entailed inevitably a long retreat from responsibilities abroad, with a thousand small betrayals of peripheral allies along the way. A few years ago, the great scholar Bernard Lewis warned, during the debate on withdrawal from Iraq, that America risked being seen as ‘harmless as an enemy and treacherous as a friend.’ In Moscow and Tehran, on the one hand, and Warsaw and Prague, on the other, they’re drawing their own conclusions.” –columnist Mark Steyn

“Iran’s ruling mullahs will be delighted to learn that the West not only is unserious about preventing them from acquiring nuclear weapons and the missiles to deliver them, but prefers to remain defenseless as well. They will view this as weakness. And they will find such weakness provocative, as tyrants always do.” –columnist Cliff May

“Are they agendas for the betterment of America? Or are they agendas for the betterment of the rest of the world? I’m referring to President Obama’s policy agendas. Despite how much he reasserts that we ‘must’ embrace this or that policy simply because it is ‘the right thing to do,’ it’s becoming increasingly difficult to claim that Obama’s stated plans and intentions advance any sense of American wellbeing.” –columnist Austin Hill


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