Slobbering sycophants:

“[Obama’s speech to a joint session of Congress] was, to say the least, a broad and forward-thinking speech. On the rhetoric and the phrasing and the pacing and the design of the speech itself, there seems to have been a touch of greatness.” –MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann

Playing the race card, ad nauseum:

“In a season of angry protests, there are ugly signs that some of it is not rooted in bailout fatigue or suspicion of big government. Mixed in the anti-Obama crowds over recent weeks, racial slurs against the president of the United States.” –NBC’s Andrea Mitchell

About those right-wing extremists:

“House Speaker Pelosi [is] worried about the opposition, the tone of it, perhaps leading to violence as it did in the ’70s. There’s more recent examples of anti-government violence — occurring even in the mid-’90s. Do you worry about that?” –NBC’s David Gregory to Barack Obama (Memo to Gregory: Pelosi herself is guilty of using inflammatory rhetoric — “carrying swastikas,” “Astroturf,” etc.)
“Let me ask you a little bit about the tenor of this debate. It seems to me that there is a sort of meanness that’s settled over our political dialogue. It started this summer at these town hall meetings. We saw this outbreak when you spoke to the joint session. Some people clearly just don’t agree with your policy. But there seem to be others that are just, just mad and angry. President Carter is now saying that he thinks it’s racial. Nancy Pelosi says it could be dangerous. What do you think it’s all about?” –CBS’s Bob Schieffer to — guess who?


“It’s been not even a year since this country elected Barack Obama, a man who ran not to be the black president but the president. As he stood there that night in Chicago, and again a few months later in Washington on the steps of the Capitol, he pledged not to divide the country but to heal the divisions. What happened?” –columnist and cable pundit Susan Estrich (He lied and you fell for it.)


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