Ho Hum, Ho Hum (by Bill Bigler)

Some people just can’t believe that it is possible to find any imperfection in The Great One; therefore, they think that any objection to His policies must be rooted in racism.

 September 15, 2009

Op-Ed Columnist Rebutter
Ann Arbor

Maureen Dowd, in her recent column “Boy, Oh, Boy,” said, “But, fair or not, what I heard was an unspoken word in the air: You lie, boy!” She was referring to Joe Wilson’s recent outburst in response to one of Obama The Truth Teller’s more recent mendacities as he campaigned to gain control of the 16 percent of our economy which is health care.

In her efforts to attribute racism to her enemies, she has left no doubt about the racism in herself.  She exhibits the same type of stereotypic thinking that the always moderate and well-thought Janeane Garofalo does when she asserts that the only reason that anyone would protest against The Savior of the World is because they’re ignorant, red-necked racists.

Maureen is quick to insinuate that a white man who sits with white males is racist but would never consider that The One Above IT All who sat decades in a church that fomented racism and hatred for America might have supported or developed such sentiments Himself.  I suspect that, while she has imparted racist motives to a white Republican’s outburst against a Black president in 2009, she made no similar accusations against black Democrats’ boos of a white president in 2005 on a similar occasion when he was speaking about Social Security.

She asserts, “Wilson clearly did not like being lectured and even rebuked by the brainy black president presiding over the majestic chamber.”  Her crystal ball is much clearer than mine.  I don’t see this “clearly” at all.  I can’t get from “You lie!” to “Don’t lecture me!”  I also wasn’t aware that The Great Uniter was putting down anyone in his remarks.  Maureen’s ESP far exceeds mine, which is convenient for her embellishment of the racism theme.  How nice for her!

She continues, “I’ve been loath to admit that the shrieking lunacy of the summer… had much to do with race.”  I’m sure she has been EXTREMELY loath.  I imagine her reluctance is as profound as the hesitancy of all those charming lefties who are quick to point out to me, when I voice my opposition to illegal immigration or the welfare state or affirmative action or civil rights legislation, that I am a racist.  What other explanation could there be for opposing such societal boons? 

By the way, I have attended many of the summer rallies, town halls, and tea parties with those “shrieking lunatics”.  I also attended the DC 9/12 event.  The crowds were predominately white.  By Maureen’s logic, I must be a racist since I associate with a preponderance of whites and since I oppose the policies of The Font Of All Wisdom. Possibly, my vision and hearing are skewed accordingly. Yet, I have never seen a racist sign nor heard a racial slur at any event.

Let’s return to how loath Maureen was to ascribe racism to those who opposed Him Without Blame.  I’m sure it was  only because wild horses were dragging her kicking and screaming to use the “R” word for those who engaged in “frantic efforts to paint our first black president as the Other, a foreigner, socialist, fascist, Marxist, racist, Commie, Nazi; a cad who would snuff old people; a snake who would indoctrinate kids.”  I know she hated to do it, but the inescapable conclusion was that such lunatic assertions could only emerge from the ugly bowels of racial antipathy and hate.

I’m absolutely sure that the fact that The Purveyor of Truth applied for His Fulbright Scholarship as a foreign national Indonesian had nothing to do with people calling Him a foreigner.  The fact that The Great Free Marketer has been busy gobbling up the banks, finance companies, the auto companies, and is doing His level best to acquire the health care sector could never lead one to consider that He might be a socialist.  The fact that The Libertarian Supreme mentored with a Marxist and taught and advocated it in college and that He has repeatedly promoted and praised the redistribution of wealth couldn’t possibly lead anyone but the most demented to conclude that He was a Marxist.  That The Fair and Balanced One called the white police stupid for following up on a breaking and entering call and had no corresponding reproof for His black friend Gates who unleashed a string a racial epithets and hostility could not be construed to be racial bias by anyone other than those ready for straight jackets.  That The Preserver and Defender of the Constitution appointed an avowed Communist to be Green Czar could only in the most twisted of minds lead to the idea that He might be a “Commie.”  That the Champion Of The Free, a great orator who calls for the involuntary servitude of our youth, enlists SEIU and ACORN to intimidate opposition, calls for national service and a domestic security force as strong and well-trained as our military,  and appoints a eugenicist as Science Czar, could conjure up notions of youth corps, brown shirts, the SS, or Dachau only in the minds of the bizarre.  How totally out of touch with reality would one have to be to think that The Defender of the Aged would ever consider snuffing out old folks even though He is pushing with all his might to put them into a system that will limit, cut, and ration their care and mandate that they have “end-of-life” sessions with doctors and other government reps without mandating that independent medical advocates or family members be present? How addled would a mind have to be to think that it might be indoctrinating to take school time when parents would not be present to have The Parent To All address children with follow-up worksheets with a number of questions that start, “How can you help President Obama…”?  It’s a wonder that such delusional minds can function at all! 

I’m sure Maureen can see the racism in all such dementia so “clearly” even though she is so very “loath” to mention it.  We know how scrupulous she is to avoid name-calling and emotional invective.

This would be simply ludicrous if it weren’t so routinely employed by the left.  However, it has the very unfortunate effect of closing off meaningful dialogue between the left and the rest of us whether we are independent, GOP, conservative, or libertarian.  Ironically, the left’s use of the “R” word is having much the same effect as the KKK’s use of the “N” word used to have.  It serves to demean and dismiss a group of people—to relegate them to some sub-human category. 

It is a very dangerous way to view those who disagree with you.  It leads you to dehumanize them and makes you less sensitive to the treatment of them.  We’ve seen how devastating this has been for African-Americans in our country.  When any group suffers the loss of their humanity, we all suffer.

We need to move beyond this silliness and recognize that there is racism in America but that there are also opposing views in America.  We will all be better off if we try to understand the views of our opponents and try to look for common ground and ways to improve our views through reason and respect so that we can find the very best solutions for the problems that face us all.


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