Cuba Spy Case: Another Trust Fund Revolutionary Betrays America

via: Heritage

Move over, Bill Ayers, you’ve got company. The arrest of retired State Department intelligence analyst Walter Kendall Myers has apparently uncovered yet another overweened Social Register Rebel in our midst. Myers and his wife, Gwendolyn, were arrested on June 5 and charged with being espionage agents for Fidel Castro for 30 years. Total damage to U.S. National Security from the disloyal Myers, who passed Top Secret info to the Castros (who, in turn, very likely sold it to other U.S. enemies) and his wife (who was in a position to funnel highly confidential financial records to the regime from her job at the old Riggs Bank), may never be known. Kendall Myers got his PhD and later taught at Johns Hopkins/SAIS, where another “True Believer” U.S. Government spy for Cuba, Ana Montes, studied.

Myers’s mother’s pedigree (AT&T money and top-drawer National Geographic Society founders) even topped Ayers’s father’s Commonwealth Edison/Chicago fortune. Both of these bad boys seemingly felt so bad about living large off the sweat of their ancestors that they became hard-core leftists and turned on their fellow Americans.


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