Obama’s New Budget Chief: Green Job Spending “Totally Impractical”

President-elect Barack Obama has asked the Democrat Congress to produce an economic stimulus bill that he can sign on his inauguration day. The price tag on this bill is already in the $500 billion to $1 trillion range, so it is going to be difficult to track all the boondoggle’s on it. But $15 billion of the stimulus behemoth will specifically be for Obama’s “green jobs” program, under which he has promised to spend $15 billion a year for the next ten years. Where is this “green” spending to go? The New York Times reports:

The details and cost of the so-called green-jobs program are still unclear … Congressional officials working with the Obama administration said the stimulus program was also likely to involve tax breaks or direct government subsidies for a variety of clean energy projects, including solar arrays, wind farms, advanced biofuels and technology to capture carbon dioxide emissions from coal-burning power plants.

So Obama wants to spend $150 billion on subsidies for ‘clean’ energy over the next ten years. And what does Obama’s new budget chief, Peter Orzag think of these projects? Continue reading . . .


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