The Global Warming Thought Police Are Here


The Heritage Foundation has long been against allowing the Environmental Protection Agency to regulate greenhouse gas emissions under the Clean Air Act. So when the EPA unveiled their plan to regulate 1/5 of all food service businesses, 1/3 of all health care businesses, 1/2 of the entire lodging industry, and even 10% of all buildings used for worship, we encouraged citizens to exercise their First Amendment right to petition their government by telling the EPA exactly what they thought of its plan.

But for the left, massive government intervention to combat global warming has become such a doctrine of faith that no dissent is to be tolerated. So last week when the White House reminded mayor’s from around the nation to lodge their opinions with the EPA, the Center for American Progress labeled the effort ‘Treason‘. Never mind that even Rep. John Dingell (D-MI) has called plans to regulate carbon under the CAA “a glorious mess” … CAP is undeterred. Instead of putting such a massive reorganization of the entire economy before both chambers of Congress, CAP wants to institute heavy new energy taxes as undemocratically as possible. CAP Senior Fellow and Obama EPA transition team co-chairman Robert Sussman wrote last month:

In fact, a new administration could enforce new global warming regulations with common sense, focusing on large emitters of greenhouse gases to achieve reasonable reductions while spurring trillions of dollars worth of economic growth and green-collar jobs.

And remember, if you dare disagree with Sussman, CAP will call you a traitor.

Found @ Heritage Foundry.


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