Unreal!… Terrorist & Obama Pal Bill Ayers on Good Morning America

Outrageous!… Suddenly the mainstream media is interested in Obama’s terrorist friend.

They didn’t think he was a story before the election but now the corrupt media wants an interview.
And, the media wonders why they have a lower approval rating than lawyers, Bush and Congress?

Obama’s terrorist friends Ayers and Dohrn. (Flickr)

Ayers is reissuing his 2001 anti-American book Fugitive Days.
ABC reported, via LGF:

In his first television interview since he became the center of controversy in the presidential race, Chicago activist Williams Ayers breaks his silence in an exclusive interview with Chris Cuomo on Friday’s “Good Morning America.”

Ayers, a leader of the ’60s radical group the Weathermen, became a political lightning rod because of past associations with President-elect Obama.

Ron Radosh corrects Bill Ayers’ many lies at Pajamas Media today.

UPDATE: The media is also reporting today: “William Ayers describes himself as a “family friend” of President-elect Barack Obama.”


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